Crystal Children

Many  children these days that are being born are more aware and intune from where they came from. Some recall what happend to them before they were born. Some of these children are called Indigo and Crystal Children. The Crsytal Children have a deep appreciation of crystals. They are known to make crsytal grids to […]

Tribute to the Ultimate Guru, the Adi-Yogi

Chanted and Sang by Garrett Tiebens

In this short video, I personally chanted and sang this very short a tribute to the ultimate Guru,  Adi-Yogi. This man walked to Earth more than 10,000 years ago. My teacher told us that scientists have found a coin with a picture of this man on the coin and they did there research and found […]

Krishna’s Birthday!

The Yogi of the Most High...

  Happy Birthday to this amazing person. His name is Krishna. He walked the Earth about 5,000 years ago. He was a very special Yogi. He was so blissful everywhere he went because he enjoyed everything as God and treated his surroundings with Love and Compassion. He came here to help this world and to […]

Traveling Tiebens Episode #1 – A Life Well Lived

I am so excited to jumpstart this summer with traveling with my Mom Emma Tiebens. She is a Speaker, Show Host, Brand Storyteller and the Author of the Amazon Bestselling Book, “Magnetic Memorable and Trusted“. This trip is about Swami’s Beach in Encinitas, CA and Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve in Escondido, CA. Our main intention […]

Yoga for Awakening

What is Yoga? Yoga is the Sanskrit word for Union. Sanskrit is the ancient language if India. It is a very sacred language. Some priests, scholars, Yogis, Sadhus, Rishis, and Bikkhus still speak this language today. This language is believed to be the language if the spiritual realm. Yoga means Union. Union with the Divine. […]

To Believe Is To See…

Not The Other Way Around

Did you know that everything that exists now started from someone’s imagination?  Imagination is so powerful you have no idea. The one thing that keeps us going and keeps us inspired to do great things is imagination. There are many things that keeps us inspired but imagination is super powerful. Without imagination humans will be […]

The Answers Are Within…

When we look at life we must not only see stressful things that make us feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We must look at life with a positive smile and say “Life thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically! We are beings capable of things beyond imagination. It is […]