Hello and welcome to my website!  I am so happy that out of all the many websites out there, you have chosen to visit mine.

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason.

I am currently 14 years old and what I love to do are:

– Ashtanga Yoga – 8 Limbs of Yoga

– Healing, Crystals and Shamanism

– Studying and Practicing Meditation

– Study different religions and identifying similarities

– Learning from different gurus, mentors and teachers around the world.

– Exploring nature with my friends

– Photography

– Filming “Traveling Tiebens” video episodes with my Mom Emma Tiebens

– Traveling and attending seminars with my Mom and meeting great people around the world.

– Blogging and engaging in social media

– Hiking with my Dad

– Hanging out with my white parakeet Spade

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to imagine.  I would ask my parents to give me a few minutes to sit and visualize uninterrupted.

At 7 years old, I was fascinated by gemstones and their innate beauty and powers as inspired by my Mom who had her own jewelry business.  I also started learning Tae Kwon Do under the loving guidance of Master and Mrs. Kim at Martial Arts USA in Huntington Beach.

At 8 years old,  I was immersed into everything about martial arts and samurais.  I had a huge collection of samurais and weapons.  One day I saw the movie “The Last Samurai” and was intrigued by the meditation of a lead character named Katsumoto.  I asked my Mom, who is he praying to.  She said, “Most probably Buddha or the Sun God”.   That was the start of my quest to explore different religions.

At 9 years old, our good friends Jorge Bueno and MaryAnne Morcos introduced us to Govinda’s Hindu Temple in Culver City.  We were first attracted to their delicious “prashad” food, which was food prepared lovingly while the devotees pray to their deities.  When I saw the temple, I felt a deep connection and sense of peace and harmony.

At 10 years old, I received my Black Belt at Tae Kwon Do.  It took me 3 years but it was worth it. My Mom also started homeschooling me and on my 10th birthday I received an X-box.  I started playing it with kids all over the world and I noticed that there were a lot of angry and depressed children out there.  I wanted to do something to somehow inspire them, so I became interested in magic and I immersed myself in everything about magic and  I became quite good at it.   I launched www.Imagicnations.com  and my videos are still out there on YouTube.

A 12 years old, I went back to my private school which was a Christian School.  At that time, I felt a big disconnect with my spirituality so I went back to what was familiar – where I found utmost peace.  I went back to regular mediation and reading the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads,  Dhammapada, The Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda, Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama and The Incredible Life of a Himalayan Yogi.  I remember this year, we went to the Self-Realization Fellowship Center by Yogananda in Encinitas, CA and from there, I had the intense desire to become a Yogi so I enrolled in a Yoga Studio.  I went through the poses rather quickly and longed for something deeper.

That same year, we had major life changes and moved to a new home and I had to go to a new school.   I asked my Mom if I could go to an Ashtanga Yoga Shala instead.  We found the Pacific Ashtanga Yoga in Dana Point, CA and that has become my home.  A huge shout out to my Guru, Diana Christinson and to my yoga family.  Within months of my Asthanga Yoga practice, I made a decision to embrace the vegetarian lifestyle.  I was the first one in my family to become vegetarian and now my Mom is too.

Now, I am flourishing more than I ever have, I’m loving where I’m living and I feel so free because I am now able to explore spirituality with no limitations.  I look at all positive religions which are founded on love and are practicing love.  I created this website for you – thanks to the help of my Mom Emma Tiebens who is a Speaker, Brand Storyteller and Strategist as well as  the Amazon Bestseller of the book “Magnetic Memorable and Trusted”.  It is my heart’s desire  to help you find inspiration and miracles in even the smallest things.

I look forward to being on this journey with you and I’m here to help you:

INTERRUPT reality through Yoga
IMAGINE possibilities through Meditation
INSPIRE change in your lives and the lives of others.

After all, when everything is said and done, what remains is only LOVE…

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Thank you for reading my story.  I look forward to getting to know you and reading your story too.




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