Alive, Awake and Aligned…

Today, I want to speak about Alignment. As spiritual souls having a spiritual experience on this planet today. One of our jobs is alignment.

What is alignment you ask? Alignment to me is staying tuned to yourself and to the Divine Mother. Staying aligned is being able to speak what you want to speak and be who you want to be no matter what other people think or say of you. Being aligned is staying true to yourself and always being in touch with God.

In Yogic tradition there are 7 Chakras. Chakras is the Sanskrit word for centers of spiritual power in the Human Body. Going day to day on this planet could and will be stressful. When this stress gets to your mind and body those chakras are going to close.

Our jobs as spiritual beings is to re-open those Chakras. How you ask? By doing Yoga, Mindful Breathing, and Meditation. These are just some ways you can help your body be aligned with your higher self.


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