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I want to dedicate this blog post to one of my great friends and mentor, my “Jasonji”, Jason Stephenson. Wow. He is amazing!!!  He gives soooo much to so many people out there!   Talk about somebody who is a pure spirit from Source. We all came on this planet pure souls, but Jason has found truth within himself. He is simply amazing! I have not known Jason for a long time but let me tell you something, you do not need to know somebody for years to get to know their personality because Jason taps into his true Divine one.

I first heard of Jason from my Mom Emma Tiebens.  She loves guided meditations and she usually meditates with Abraham Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bob Proctor, Doreen Virtue and Louise Hays.   One  day, she came across one of Jason’s videos on self-sabotage and she followed his social media trail and introduced herself.  Then she realized that Jason has over 107,000 YouTube Subscribers and his total videos views are now over 17,000,000 views! She reached out to him on Facebook and wasn’t expecting him to respond  so promptly to her private message but he did.  That’s the kind of person Jason is.  He truly cares about his Subscribers.

Last night, as I went to bed, my Mom and I decided to see what Jason’s recent posting was and it was a video on “POWERTALK – Love… and Isn’t That What It’s All About?”  I was totally taken by surprise when I saw my name on the introduction.  It said;

“Thoughts by Jason Stephenson… Inspired By Guru Garrettji”

Garrett Tiebens Thanks  Jason Stephenson

My Mom and I looked at each other in utter awe!  I can’t believe how thoughtful he was to think about me for this video and he even called me “Garrettji”.  In Hindu tradition, one adds the word “ji” at the end of a name to show respect for their wisdom, so  I call Jason, Jasonji.  Seeing Garrettji really made my heart smile. Here’s the video:

I am so proud and happy to call him my friend. Please go Check out his YouTube videos and Subscribe to his channel, Jason Stephenson  follow him in social media and buy his CDs and audio programs.  You will be glad you did!  If you are looking for positive music and lovely guided meditations he is the guy. I know that I have met this man before in previous life times ago. He is a very old soul. Thank you my beautiful friend. Can’t wait for  Me and my Mom can see you soon! Namaste…


Jason Stephenson is the founder of Relax Me Online and has been involved in the meditation/relaxation healing field for the past 15 years.  Having come from a musical background (his parents both professional musicians), Jason understands the importance of music and its healing capabilities.

He says “Music  has always been a profound part of my life. When I would arrive home from school,  the first thing I would hear as I walked in the door was my Mum playing classics on the piano. It would soothe me, even back then as a child. I loved to sing when Mum played the piano too.”

The importance of meditation came to Jason in his early 20’s, when he was entering some troubled times in his personal development. Jason says, “I relied on meditation at this time in my life and understanding that there was more to my life than just the  surface physical appearances. I will never forget one experience I had whilst meditating in a local National Park , totally at one with nature, and I felt like in those few moments, I had everything I had ever wanted, could want right here right now. It was an intense experience that left me wanting more, and seeking out more.”

Having an interest in Buddhism, Jason attended a 10 day Monastic retreat at Nan Tien Temple in NSW, Australia, where those days really changed his outlook. It was from this point that Jason knew he had to continue on this path of seeking a deeper peace within himself and his world he lives in. In 2009, Nan Tien Temple asked Jason if would like to perform in a Buddhist  song contest in Taiwan. It was here Jason  performed on stage in Taiwan and won an award in an International Buddhist song contest.  Combining his love of music and love of meditation, Jason knew he was on the right path.

Recently, Jason completed a Diploma with H & H Colleges in QLD Australia for Neuro-Psychological Immunity – a course where Jason says, “I really began to understand the power and connection between health of the mind and body.”

It is Jason’s hope that Relax me Online will assist others world-wide to relax, achieve their dreams, begin to meditate and seek and find the love that is already within us all.

Currently, Jason operates a highly successful eBay crystal and relaxation CD shop at Zen Mans Crystals.

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  1. Hi Robin! Thanks for your comment… Yes Jason is truly amazing! See you around! Namaste…