Keep Calm… Meditate On…

What we are going to be talking about today is Meditation. Some of you know Mediation as being a way to keep your mind calm and to keep your body healthy. But there is way more to this. Meditation has so many purposes. Meditation is a very ancient techniques. Nobody really know how old it is. But the things that scientist uncovered about Meditation are just some things that meditation brings you. Some people use it to lower blood pressure. The 7 limb of Yoga is Dhyana or Meditation. Meditation is a tool to reach Enlightenment or Eternal Bliss. The good thing about meditation is that it is not religious. Any religion can do it, it does not belong to one religion. It is universal! If you do not know how to meditate I suggest getting into comfortable clothes and going to a place where you find peace and there will be no distractions. After you have done this sit in a comfortable position and start to count from 100 to 0 after this count from 30 to 0. Once you have done this stay in the zone you have just created this can go on however long you want to. Learn more about this online by watching Meditation videos I recommend on Spirit Science YouTube channel. Good luck Meditating!!!! Have fun in this journey we call life. Namaste!

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