The Answers Are Within…

When we look at life we must not only see stressful things that make us feel uncomfortable or unsafe. We must look at life with a positive smile and say “Life thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically!

We are beings capable of things beyond imagination. It is inside us, we must look inward seeking the truth. Not the other way around. The people of this age seek happiness looking outwards not within ourselves. That is where there is a misconception.

In Yogic tradition there are many different ages and time periods this age that we are living in right now is called the Kaliyuga age. This means the age of outward desire that is a illusion. We must look inward and when we do. Then we have the answers to all our questions.

Always remember life on this planet is a tool to help us expand as light beings. Namaste.

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