The Journey To The Self

Yoga is an amazing science that has the ability to raise our vibration to extremely high levels and help us be aware of our inner self. Yoga means Union, Union with what? Union with yourself and the Divine. I am so passionate about Yoga because I know it’s benefits. You can see me practicing Yoga in this cave. Yoga does not just mean physical postures it means something deeper. You can practice Yoga by Meditating, Concentartion on daily life, and Loving one another. That is Yoga. People sometimes don’t understand why Yogis like to practice Yoga in caves. They like caves because it is like a cocoon! They will not get disturbed and the energy of the Earth is within that rock. The energy is giving positive vibrations to you.

You can practice in a cave and level up your energy. You can do this anywhere but in my opinion and in the opinion of some of the yogis, it is easier to level up your vibration by doing your practice in nature, a cave, outside, or even in your home when it is quite and a good time for you to focus. Anywhere is a great way to do Yoga but it is always good to do Yoga in a nice quite place and focus on your breath! I want to end this post with a quote.🙏🏻

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” -The Bhagavad Gita

Happy Yoga!

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