Tribute to the Ultimate Guru, the Adi-Yogi

Chanted and Sang by Garrett Tiebens

In this short video, I personally chanted and sang this very short a tribute to the ultimate Guru,  Adi-Yogi. This man walked to Earth more than 10,000 years ago. My teacher told us that scientists have found a coin with a picture of this man on the coin and they did there research and found it was around 12,000 years old. This means He was around another 1,000 years before that! This man’s name was Shiva. The first Yogi. The man who invented Yoga.

Yoga is not a religion. But a science to help you understand that you are the whole existence. The whole existence is happening right within you! You are 1. When you listen to me singing, may you get a sense of the divine. And always remember. Once you understand that Yoga means Union. Union between You and God. Than there will be a big relief when you start realizing how beautiful this life truly is. Always Love and Happy Yoga!



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