Why do Hindus Worship Rivers?

Why do Hindus worship Rivers? If you ever travel to India you will notice that at night or even during the day many people gather together and they bathe, pray, light candles, sing chants, and have aarti (waving candle to God) to the river Ganges and many others. Let me tell you something, they are worshiping the goddess wishing that river! The river are so important especially to Me. India is a land of wonder and mysticism. So many great things happened there over the past 15,000 years since the AdiYogi (First Yogi) came to Earth. The Rivers in India have so many lessons we can learn from them. Tips particular River that I am talking about is called the Ganges. One of the most sacred rivers in all of India. It flows from the Himalayas all the way down to the lower parts of India. It has been flowing for around 15,000 years without stopping. That is the cool thing! It never stops! This is one of the teachings we can learn from this river is that humans want to reach s certain goal but the common mistake is that they never start or they do not finish. This river is a perfect example on how it flows no matter what is in its way, similarly humans should flow until they get to there destination. We worship these rivers because we see God inside these rivers. Legend tells that there was once a very powerful king that had the purest devotion that he asked God to bring Mother Ganga (Ganges River) down to Earth from the heavenly realm. And so it happened, the sacred water came down to Earth and that is the Goddess Ganga the Ganges River. The Yogis train there minds to see God in everything they do not just when they go to Church, Temple, Mosque but in everyday life. Yoga is a 24 hour practice to be happy and see God in everything. Now this is Yoga.

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